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Nature & Wildlife

The neighbouring Dubwath Silver Meadows Nature Reserve is home to a multitude of wetland flora and fauna and here at Bass Lake, we are lucky enough to see some of these species calling the grounds of the station and café their home too!

Bassenthwaite Lake Station (52).jpg
Bassenthwaite Lake Station (67).jpg

The small marsh situated by the station platform is permeated by the overflow culvert from Bassenthwaite Lake. The water level fluctuates throughout the year creating different habitats that play host to ducks, damselflies and dunnocks to name but a few! Imminent plans to install bird hides alongside the marshland will create a comfortable vantage point for bird watchers and if the kids can keep still long enough, they might just spot a red squirrel or the kingfisher.

The restoration of the station was carefully executed to cause as little disturbance to the surrounding natural environment as possible. Where it was necessary to fell unsafe trees, the remnants have been left on site to form new habitats and larger limbs from the overgrown beech hedge have been repurposed as path edging. A number of remaining tree stumps have also been sculpted into rustic artworks that reflect the resident wildlife.

In the springtime, a spectacular bank of naturalised snowdrops can be seen at the station and the wildflower meadow behind is teeming with insects including bees and butterflies such as the Pearl Bordered Fritillary throughout the summer months. We are working with local conservationists to encourage native Cumbrian wildlife to flourish on site.

Bassenthwaite Lake Station (59).jpg
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