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Sustainability Statement

At Bassenthwaite Lake Station, we are committed to ensuring our activities have minimal negative effect on the environment in the following ways:


  • Reduce waste, packaging and single-use plastic through careful purchasing and stock management procedures;

  • Aim to reuse or recycle over 95% of our waste;

  • Source recycled construction materials whenever practicable, subject to availability;

  • Reduce our usage of fossil fuels by:

    • Installing modern and efficient systems and additional insulation;

    • Long-term carbon neutral energy solutions;

    • Low energy lighting in all areas.

  • Enhance existing environment and minimise impact on ecology through;

    • Careful tree, flora and fauna management and protection;

    • Preserving and creating wildlife corridors;

    • Planting trees, new hedges and wild flower meadows.

  • Proactively seek, support and encourage use of sustainable transport solutions and car sharing.

  • Choose to buy local and reduce food miles, whenever possible without compromising on quality.

  • Reduce and eliminate, where practicable, the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

  • Retain existing reedbeds and natural filtration to further cleanse any waste water and complement the modern processing plant.

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