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Murder Mystery Menu - Spring 2024

We offer a set seasonal menu with choices that allows us to showcase the skills of our amazing staff and ensure maximum enjoyment at this special event. It might be something outwardly simple but really fresh and delicious or perhaps an incredible flavour developed by our chefs.

Please note that due to the nature of our event and menu experience, there are some allergies and intolerances that we may, unfortunately, be unable to accommodate, including vegan, dairy-free, diabetic and complex needs though we may be able to adapt some of the courses to accommodate specific needs.


Please contact our reception team for further information before making your choices if you are in any doubt about what we may be able to accommodate.


It is important that you identify anyone with specific dietary requirements to your serving staff on arrival to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety for all guests.


Please complete the form for the number of guests in your party, then scroll to the bottom of the form to submit it. 

Event Details:

Lead Guest Details - Guest 1:

Guest 1 Dietary Information
Guest 1 Starter Choice:
Guest 1 Main Choice
Guest 1 Dessert Choice:

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Thank you for submitting your parties order. 

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